Advantage Matters’ Fast Track service

We frequently ask ourselves why the house selling process still takes so long! On average it takes over 10 weeks.

All too often, we would see weeks go by before a contract is issued to the buyer’s conveyancer and then further delays before the buyer’s conveyancing searches are ordered. It becomes the norm for at least 4 weeks to pass before enquiries are being raised. Sound familiar?

Fast Track ensures the transaction is underway within just a few days of an offer being accepted. Saving significant time (and stress) on being exchange ready.

The reality is that sellers and buyers need to do their part before the law firms can start work. And although they have all best intentions of filling in those stack of forms and transferring money on account, it can be daunting and easy to put off until tomorrow, the weekend, next week.

On one simple phone call we will complete all the legal forms required for the law firm to start acting for their client. We embrace the latest technology available to make things quick and easy and all third party documents are ordered immediately to save any unnecessary delays.

Fast Track benefits everybody:

Buyer and/or Seller - Instead of dreading filling out the legal paperwork, it’s all completed on one simple call so their part is done and the law firm can start work.

Estate Agent and/or Mortgage Advisers – We achieve the main aim of getting the transaction underway as soon as an offer is accepted.

Law Firms – No need to chase clients for completed paperwork. Everything is supplied in one nice bundle.

Fast Track is only available through Advantage Matters. We would love to work with you. Please give us a call on 01275 855352.

Find out more about how our Fast Track service reduces the time from Offer to Completion. Leave your details below or call 01275 855352